REVIEASE (verb): To reveal what ails you, release what doesn’t serve you and revive your best self.

Welcome to the little corner of Reviease! And yes, that’s a totally made up word with a totally made up definition. I put off starting a blog for a good six months due to not being able to find a fitting name for what I was trying to convey. One day I was thinking of words that would fit my future blog and be used for branding when I thought of “reveal, release, revive” – which are all individually, but also collectively, extremely crucial in discovering true wellness. So I eagerly typed them into the domain registration but red flags instantly went up; those three words would be way too confusing for people to enter correctly! Queue the word generator and reviease was born.

For years I’ve struggled with trials and tribulations in gastrointestinal issues, mental health and relationship/familial ups and downs. As I finally feel like I’m “coming around the bend” so to speak, I want to share my journey with others in the hopes of supporting and encouraging just one other person who may need a helping hand along the way.

This blog is here to serve you and guide you along the path towards feeling the best you have ever felt and achieving optimal wellness. I hope in sharing my journey with you, you’ll find something that you can relate to and that you’re inspired and motivated to begin your journey to reviving your best self.